California Water Shortage Crisis Interview Questions
1.      How has the drought in California affected you?

a.       My family doesn’t wash cars anymore, and we water our lawn and our garden at night so it is efficiently used.
b.      I take shorter showers, but apart from that there hasn’t been much change.
c.       I take shorter showers.

2.      How do you think it has affected California’s agriculture?

a.       I’m pretty sure that the state put limits on the amount of water they can have, so they have a limited amount of water to give to their crops.
b.      If they have to ration water, it will harm the entire system.
c.       Farmers can’t farm because they don’t have enough water, then they can’t make money, and they end up on the streets.

3.      How do you think the drought has affected wildlife in California?

I’m not really sure, but loss of water probably messes up the food chain.

b.      Watershed system is probably messed up, affecting the water levels in creeks, ponds, and lakes.
c.       Not a lot of water for animals to drink

4.      What do you know about California’s water storage system?

a.       Not Sure
b.      Water is stored in reservoirs, there is a reservoir near Santa Cruz that is lower than normal
c.       Snow melts in the sierras, which goes into creeks and rivers

5.      What do you think should be done by the California Department of Water Resources?

a.       They should limit water usage in homes and charge high fees to people who are going above their limit.
b.      They should take one of the giant glaciers that are melting and put it in a reservoir so everyone can have lots of water.
c.       After analyzing each home, they should limit water usage in homes according to each situation.